Who uses expensive bulletproof hosting

Who uses expensive bulletproof hosting
Almost any legal hosting service very closely monitors any complaints and processes them on time. That is why so many companies cannot operate normally and are subject to blocking.
This is, of course, primarily about illegal business. Casinos, the spread of viruses, pornography and so on. The way out for such sites is to buy bulletproof hosting. Hosting owners guarantee to continue working after any complaints and requests. All their activities are reduced precisely to ensuring the stability and availability of the resource in any situation.
Bulletproof hosting services take a lot of money for their services, since it is technically and legally difficult to maintain the entire structure and it is expensive. But the owners of illegal projects easily agree to a large fee, since the income from the business is usually very high.
An interesting fact - even a proven bulletproof hosting will not work forever. Moreover, the average operating time is about a year. After that, the hosting services are disconnected due to a very large number of complaints and problems. After that, site owners are forced to change hosting, which is not always convenient.
Bulletproof hosting in the Netherlands
Bulletproof hosting in the Netherlands is one of the most popular requests among modern semi-legal and illegal business owners. They cannot purchase standard hosting, as they quickly receive complaints and blocking.
As a result, one of the few options for keeping prohibited sites working is bullet-resistant hosting. Their owners ask for a lot of money for their work, because it is quite difficult to maintain the entire chain in working order.
The servers are located in countries that do not allow legal restrictions on the operation of legal sites on the Internet. The Netherlands is a great example. Placing servers here is a guarantee of stable and relatively long work. Providers treat content from this country well, it rarely gets blocked.
However, in the end, the resources of those who do not comply with the law are often unavailable. Hosting completely shuts down and stops functioning when a large number of serious complaints accumulate, and outright scammers are often found among industry representatives.https://bylletproof.su

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